HydroBond, a dust suppressant formulated using a specialist blend of polymers and propriety additives, is mixed with water to act as a binder and trafficker of applications. Offering superior technologies, HydroBond is both permeable to air and water allowing for germination and seeding to take place. Backed by science, it is shown to effectively suppress dust while simultaneously promoting faster germination with seed protection.

Offering efficient and economical dust suppressant solutions, HydroBond can also be combined with additional hydromulching and hydroseeding products such as tackifiers and fibres. 

Essential Benefits of HydroBond

Reduces dust immediately

Cost effective

Ideal for revegetation

Water savings of up to 80%

Significantly safer

non-corrosive to equipment

How does HydroBond Work?

Specifically formulated to facilitate water retention while simultaneously decreasing the leaching of crucial nutrients, HydroBond enhances growth and facilitates more rapid germination and revegetation.  An added benefit of this product is that HydroBond polymers have been combined with proprietary additives to ensure superior technical performance and biodegradable crusting once applied to the soil. Scientifically backed and formulated, it is engineered to effectively penetrate and bond most soil and sand types while enabling sustainable revegetation of large-scale sites.

HydroBond can be applied singularly as an efficient and economic dust suppressant or may be combined with other hydromulching and hydroseeding products such as tackifiers and fibres. With application possible with and without mulch, HydroBond is both efficient and cost-effective.