RoadBond is a dust suppression solution, which has been specifically formulated for unsealed roads, haul roads, and hard stands. Developed for trafficked areas and work-sites, it reduces dust immediately by penetrating into the loose substrate to form a coat and agglomerate loose soil particles together resulting in a reworkable, dust-free layer. In doing so, it increases and promotes work-site safety by limiting the impact of lose dust on the health of personnel, the environment and surrounding local communities.

Essential Benefits of RoadBond

Water savings of up to 80%

Reduces dust immediately

Cost effective

Environmentally complaint

Increases road stability

Significantly safer

Reduces tire wear

non-corrosive to equipment

How does Roadbond Work?

The innovative penetrating and aggregating properties of this superior product encourage the mix to permeate into the individual fine particles of dust more competently. In doing so, it binds the surface to create a stable layer resistant to traffic wear, wind erosion and rain/water impact for up to 6 months protection. By helping maintain the integrity of the surface, RoadBond creates a more resilient and safe environment for site personnel and surrounding communities.

Diluted with water, RoadBond is sprayed directly onto the required surface area for instant dust suppression results. The area is immediately usable by traffic and dust lift off is immediately suppressed. By reducing dust immediately, it increases road stability and reduces site maintenance costs significantly. The environmentally biodegradable formula also reduces tyre wear and is non-corrosive.