Application types

Drawing on the latest scientific research, Dust Suppression offers superior products applied using innovative and efficient delivery methods. Backed by more than 25 years of industry experience, each method is tailored to meet safety and efficiency requirements and to ensure proven results for your site-specific needs. 

Air Craft

Aerial application of Hydromulch efficiently reaches remote or rugged terrain requiring rehabilitation and/or stabilisation.  Covering vast areas including steep or rugged terrain, aerial application is suited to tailing storage facilities (TSF) and ash dams where vehicle access is limited, and safety concerns arise.


Employing the latest technology to deliver high quality performance and results is an integral part of our company ethos. Our HydroTrucks are designed with an engine forward feature which removes sensitive electronics from the wet end of the truck. Our HydroTrucks also feature distinct hydraulic controls for the agitation system, spray pump, and mulch grinder to ensure a more even mixture and distribution of product. 


Used for small-scale projects and difficult terrain, hose application delivers a high level of accuracy with ease. With a reach of up to 400 meters, this application provides uniform delivery to various terrain. The Hose feeds directly from our purpose built HydroTrucks allowing for optimum mixing and even distribution of product. 

Heavy Lift Drone

Designed to reach remote and rugged terrain with ease, our heavy lift drones offer the latest in application technology. At the forefront of innovation and design, drone solutions are both time and cost-effective. With safety underpinning all project management, all staff operating drones have undergone rigorous training and are complaint with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).