Scientifically formulated, SuppressX offers a unique emulsion of microscopic, cross-linked and super-absorbent polymers in a product proven to outperform and deliver instant results.  The water-soluble polymers penetrate into the substrate below, forming an interconnected flexible crust, binding to the fine particles and granules to eliminate dust. Using robust polymer-based products, SuppressX forms a stable layer of bonded material, resistant to erosive wind and rain forces.

Essential Benefits of SuppressX

Reduces dust immediately

Cost effective

Environmentally complaint

Water soluble polymer

Significantly safer

non-corrosive to equipment

How does SuppressX Work?

Formulated in a liquid form, SuppressX is simply diluted with water for easy application and delivery. Sprayed directly onto the exposed surface to deliver superior dust suppression and erosion control with ease. The addition of an EcoMarker facilitates easy, visible application and uniform application of the product. The ultra-low concentration of SuppressX ensures that optimum dust suppression is achieved without changing the overall composition of the soil and aggregate below.

SuppressX has been engineered for ease of application and may be delivered via HydroTruck, air tractor, helicopter, or drone.